Monday, March 7, 2011

The Golden Tarot

On Friday, I finally got my new Tarot Deck in the mail!  I've spent the weekend fiddling with it, and so far I love it immensely!

The deck I got is The Golden Tarot, designed by Kat Black.  Here's a picture of a few cards, aren't they gorgeous?

While these images are taken from Kat Black's website, and look great, I can assure you that they are 10 times more beautiful in person.  They are digital collages, taking pieces from different Renaissance and Medieval paintings.  The work is incredibly seamless, and in most cases they look like they could have been painted that way originally. 

Unfortunately, my knee died on me yesterday.  I have a muscle disorder, I can't remember the name of it.  I makes my outer thigh muscles stronger than my inner thigh muscles, and pulls my kneecaps our of the sockets.  My left knee went on my yesterday, just as I was getting into the car.  I ended up falling so I was half under the car and half in it, and my left arm was trapped underneath me in the snow.  It was nearly frostbitten by the time I was able to get Sean to help me (he didn't hear his phone ringing.) and it's still a little stiff today.  I'm not going to be writting very long posts for the next couple of days, partially because of my hand and partially because sitting at the computer desk puts my dead knee at a bad angle.  It usually takes a few days to a week for my knees to go back to normal after these incidents.

So I'm going to spend my time chasing Brianna as little as possible and resting my knee.  I've also got some new artwork coming, if I have to just sit because of my knee at least I can do something semi-productive!  I do have to end up going to the bank today, but after that I'm just going to veg and watch disney movies with the baby.  Disney movies always make everything better for me!

What's your comforting indulgence when you're sick or hurt?

Goddess Bless,



  1. Thanks for the comment! I looked at that deck and thought it looked interesting. =) I'm glad you're loving it!

  2. I am, thanks! You'll have to keep me updated on your Tarot journey!