Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentines Gift Crafting!

Who has plans for Valentines?  We don't really follow the blatant commercial symbolism of the day, but we enjoy having an extra day that is special to us as a couple.  Sean is trying to convince me to let him buy me a present.  I usually try to convince him not to, Valentines is one of those holidays I like to do homemade things for.  However, I also know that Sean is not the least bit crafty.  I love him dearly, but being crafty for Sean would probably consist of gluing macaroni to paper or something like that.  He has great ideas, he just can't carry them out.  So I'll probably let him buy me something.

I, however, enjoy making things.  There are some great ideas out there.  I love this "Pair Box", easily made with a little modpodge and a cardboard box from a craft store. 

I love the idea of gifts in jars.  Cookie mix or hot chocolate, you can even find recipes for flavored vinegars if you are looking for a gift for a foodie.  

You can make your own candles, too!  All you need is a sheet of beeswax and some candle wick, which you can get at pretty much any craft store.  Heat the end of the beeswax sheet with a hair dryer and lay the wick onto it, keeping an inch out the bottom and a minimum two inches out the top.  Then you just roll it up!  Seal the seam with the hair dryer, and instant candle!  You have to make sure to roll it tightly, if you leave too much air in it, it won't burn as well.

With Sean, something edible is always a hit.  This year, I want to make these edible flowers.  Not entirely the same way, but pretty close.  We've discovered that several types of candy (including jellybeans) have no cholesterol, I'll buy a vase, insert Twizzler flowers, and fill with jellybeans!  I'm not going to use foam or fruit roll up, I'm thinking of using fruit by the foot and making roses!!  That would be pretty neat.  And edible.

I'm probably going to let Sean cook steak on valentines, because he hardly ever gets streak anymore.  I will make some things to go with it though.  I want to make garlic bread, and maybe some Gnocchi.  Not sure yet about desert, I always have so many ideas it is hard to settle on one!

So, what is everyone else doing for Valentines?  Do you celebrate it?

Goddess Bless,



  1. I am definitely with you on the handcrafted gifts. Entirely due to money issues the last several years we haven't purchased gifts. We did go out for fondue one year and that was wonderful.

    Most years anymore, we spend more time making Valentines with the kids for their classmates than we do thinking about gifts for each other. It's sad really - but this year we are determined to do things differently.

    This year - Hubs has decided he is making me dinner, my choice, and dessert (that he has already planned out). He announced this yesterday and threw a big kink into my plan, which was to make him a steak dinner (I am a vegetarian - so this is a REALLY big deal) and bake him some homemade and hand-decorated goodies. Hmmm? Guess it's back to papercrafts. Hahaha.

    I think instead, I will make a hearty Valentine's Day lunch, some tasty treats for my munchkins, and I will make him a card and some sort of album, collage or wall portrait, using my papercraft and photography skills. The question is - can I find the time on such short notice? Hmmm??? A serenade is always one of my favorites as well. <3

    I LOVE the edible flowers idea. It's very cute and I may have to steal the idea for our table setting at lunch. HeeHeeHee.

    Thanks for the inspiring post.

    Loves and Blessings,

  2. You're welcome! I know, it's such a cute idea! That's so sweet that the hubs is going to cook for you! Mine does the dishes for me ;) You should totally bake bread, and use red food colouring and cut the sandwiches into hearts, so that you can have heart sandwiches!! :D