Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Giveaway Winner!

I was really excited about the response that I got!  95 comments, and up to 60 followers?  Awesome!  Thanks everyone for entering and following! 

First things first, we have a winner!  Drum-roll, please!

And we have....Jeannie, number 58

Jeannine said... 58
I follow via google (mellanhead74) mellanhead74 at

Congratulations Jeannie!  I'll be emailing you shortly.

The wonderful Peter and Tara at Dragon Moon will treat you right.  I order from them way too much for my own good.  Peter and Tara have decided to offer a wonderful bonus to all my lovely blog followers!  From now until February 13, you can use the coupon code      inspired      And get 5$ off your purchase!  Yay!  Everyone gets something!  Aren't they awesome?

Now everyone can shop!  Seeing how successful this giveaway was, keep an eye out for more in the future!

Goddess Bless,


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