Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A lack of posts!

Sorry all for the lack of blogging as of late.  I had every intention of putting up an Imbolc post yesterday, but events conspired against me!

We had come crazy/possibly drunk guy banging on the door at 7 am.  It was crazy angry "I'll break the damn door down!" banging.  Sean had already gone to work, and I'm alone in the house with Brianna, and I`m freaking out, of course.  I went to check out the window after the banging stopped, but the person must have stayed out there longer because the motion sensor light was still on.  So then I really started freaking out, and called Sean, Sean called the cops, the cops came and did their little sweep of the area.

It was crazy and draining.  So I decided that yesterday was a lost cause and didn't do much of anything.

Of course, I didn't finish writing my Imbolc post or prepare something else for today.  So, this is what you get.  Sorry all!  Better stuff coming tomorrow.

Goddess Bless,


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