Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Family Imbolc Ritual

If you read my Family Yule Ritual post, you know some of the things I'm going to say here already.  Hopefully, I won't repeat myself too much!!  

First, the supplies.  You can use your regular ritual supplies, if you are confident that your child isn't going to accidentally hurt themselves with any of it.  Not to say you don't watch your kids, but hey.  Kids get into things.  For your Altar, you should have a symbol of the season, like a white flower of some sort, and a symbol of the Goddess you are channeling.  We are planning on using Brighid for ours, so we will have a small baked loaf.  You will eat part of the loaf instead of cakes for cakes and ale, but you can also have your regular cakes and ale if you like.  You will also need a white candle to symbolize the returning light and the Sun King, and a green candle to symbolize the Earth and the Maiden. To keep the kids busy but involved, you can have them make Goddess' Eyes, my take on Brighid's Crosses that make them a little easier for tiny hands (and novice crafters).  You can find instructions in a Guest Post I did on Laura De Luca's Blog.  Just have the stick crosses made for them in advance and give them each a small ball of yarn.  While they're making it, tell them the should think of the returning light.  It will keep them busy, and fully involved in the ritual energy.

The white candle should be in the center of the Altar, away from little hands.  The bread and flower should be towards the north side, because they come from the earth.  

Cast your circle, calling the quarters and the Charge of the Goddess and God in your normal way.  Then, light your white candle and say:

The Wheel turns over as in yore,
and the Earth grows warm just as before.
As the Sun King’s rays stronger grow,
The Maid yearns his gift of life to know.

Using the white candle, light your green candle and say:

Behold the Sun King and his Bride
Renewing the Earth with great pride
Once again the Earth is blessed
New life inside joyfully professed
For this is the Promise, the Cycle of Life
That is born of the love They share, man and wife.

You can now do any other spell work or meditation.  Once done, have your cakes and ale and close your circle as per the norm.  
I like to keep the rituals we do with our baby girl short and sweet at the moment.  Older children of course will be able to stand longer rituals and will love calling the quarters.  

Happy Imbolc planning!

Goddess Bless,


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