Wednesday, January 12, 2011

In which we meet some Disco Pirate Bunnies

Or rather, watch a video of.  I'm working on a great post for tomorrow about different goddesses and gods.  Yesterday though, I was lucky enough to leave the Disney Channel on after Brianna went for her nap.  Bunny town comes on, and it was the Disco Pirate Bunnies episode!  Sean's never seen Disco Pirate Bunnies, and he only believes me that there is such a thing because he loves me.  Whenever it comes on, it makes me giggle like a little freak.  I have no clue why, I just find it incredibly hilarious.  Those of you with kids will just nod and say yeah, we've been there.  For those of you without kids, this is what you will be watching on TV.  No more adult television!  This may in fact be an effective form of birth control. 

So now that I have proof, my life is complete.

Goddess Bless,


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