Saturday, January 8, 2011

Imbolc Goddesses

Most of us Wiccans and a lot of Pagans celebrate Imbolc.  How many of us know the Goddesses that go along with it?  And make no mistake, being a festival of new life there are definitely Goddesses representing it.

How many of us have a Hearth like this anymore?
First on our list, that most Wiccans associate with Imbolc, is Brighid.  Also called Bridgit or the Bride, she is the daughter of Dagda and one of the Tuatha Dé Danann.  For those who haven't studied Brighid, Dagda is considered the all-father, and protector of his tribe and people.  The Tuatha Dé Danann are those people, and the Celtic Gods and Goddesses come from them. 

Brighid is a Goddess of creativity, of hearth and home, of healers, childbirth and inspiration, of fire and smithing.  The meaning of the name Brighid is "Exalted One", which tells you something about people view her right away.  There is quite a bit of lore that goes along with Brighid.  For instance, if you leave a silk ribbon tied to your door on Imbolc eve, when Brighid comes by that night she will bless it with healing powers.  Brighid's Crosses and braided bread are more symbols that go along with her.

How many of us know that Norse Goddess Frigga is also a Goddess of Imbolc?  In Norse stories, Frigga is often portrayed as wife and mother, bringing to bear her ruling over hearth and home.  She is a Goddess of married women, and was often called upon in childbirth.  She was responsible for the fertility of crops,  Her name means beloved one.  Not much of a variation from exalted one, is it?

Another thing about Frigga that may surprise you?  Her sacred animal is the goose, and she was the inspiration for the original Mother Goose.

No matter which Goddesses you worship at Imbolc, they all have certain things in common.  They are all a part of the same whole.  Maybe this year honor Frigga as well as Brighid!  Who knows the extra energy your ritual could get from including both?

Goddess Bless,



  1. I love that you put about the two Goddesses, there are so many who only believe in taking from one source and one source only, you miss out on so much that way!

  2. I agree completely! I've always seen it that each pantheon goddess or god was just an aspect of The Goddess and God, so it could never hurt to use more than one!