Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Good News, Everyone!

I love that line from Futurama.  It's never good news when the Professor says that.

Today, it is good news though.  Or rather, exciting news!  Finally, I'm going  to give you some links.  Seems rather anti-climactic, doesn't it?  It's not though.  Lately, I've been working on something with a wonderful group of people.  Patrick McCleary of Pagan Dad invited me to a group, containing so many talented people that I'm actually a little nervous being included.  Does this mean I might have to throw out my long held belief that I have no talent?  Perhaps.  Most likely.  Okay, alright, but don't make me face that today.  Back to topic.  This group that Patrick created was made with the intention of something new, a new E-zine.  Or Web magazine, because I'm sure my father will read this and have no idea what an E-zine is.  This E-zine is to be called:  The Pagan Household.  It's going to be about pagan families, no matter what size your family is or who it's comprised of.

This wonderful new E-zine is launching official on Monday, and stop me if I get a little to crazy but my article is going to be the first one!  This is where I stop and squeal.  Seriously, it's creepy.  Sean's heard me squeal once, it freaked him out.  I was watching Twilight, haha.  My regular column is going to be about Hearth Witchery, and it's going to run every other Friday starting the 14th.

After re-reading the above, I thought I would explain my creepy squealing.  When I was younger, maybe Junior High, I always wanted to be a journalist.  I wanted to write for newspapers and magazines, and have people enjoy reading what I wrote.  I dropped that dream a few years later when I thought realistically about the cost, and what could be afforded for school.  So now that it's sort of really happening, it's amazingly exciting to me.  I still expect to wake up one of these days and have it all be a dream!

Alright, back to it.  Here is where the links come in.  There have already been Facebook and Twitter accounts made for The Pagan Household, and here they are!

The Pagan Household on Facebook
The Pagan Household on Twitter

So check it out, invite your friends, and hopefully you will enjoy it!  Patrick is probably going to be posting an explanation between Friday and Sunday on the actual site, the link to which I'll post when he has posted!  He is also doing a blog post about this sometime today, check him out here!

Goddess Bless,