Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Yule Gifts

Sean is busy plugging away on his video game so this is my chance to post his Yule present to show you all!  And no, I did not buy him a lighter.  We used to smoke, and still have them all around the house.  That is to show scale.

Isn't it beautiful?!  Sean follows Thor, (religiously!  HA! Sorry.) and has since the day he realized he was truly on the path.  He is into anything Norse, really, but Thor is who he is forging a relationship with.  Get it?  Forging?  Because of the Hammer?  Okay, really, it's not intentional.  I have no idea what is wrong with me today.

I got Sean's Thor's Hammer off of eBay, a great store called Qt's Cool Stuff.  Here is the link, if you are interested!  It's an awesome store.  They have a lot of really neat stuff.  Or, I guess, cool stuff.

I also got Sean a Superman shirt, and a book based off of the Elder Scrolls IV Video game we play.  Umm, have I ever mentioned we are all nerds over here?  Yeah. 

For Brianna, we got a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD,  a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse book, those cute leggings I mentioned in my weekend off post, and a pull along box of wooden Alphabet blocks.  It's pretty perfect, because she is really starting to get this talking thing down pat.  Sean hasn't been wearing his bandage lately, and she has been pointing at her head and at Sean and saying "owie".  It's so cute, she wants to know what happend to Daddy.   

For everyone else I generally got used things, and I'm doing baking of course.  I can't tell you what I got my dad, because I know he reads my Blog.  (Hi Dad!)  For my mom we are giving her a coin separator of ours that she said she liked, and also some muffins.  She likes muffins.  I'm making some Cornmeal Muffins, maybe some Banana muffins, and I'm debating making some Coffee Cake muffins.  We bought my brother a Starcraft II Calender.  I'm giving a lot of my friends Peanut Brittle, Banana Bread and cookies.  It's a pretty frugal year.  I'm fine with that though, I think it means more when you have to put effort into it.  Now if I could just convince Sean of that...

What is everyone else gifting this Yule?  Let me know!  I could always use some ideas for next year!

Goddess Bless,


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