Monday, December 27, 2010

New Year's Release

As we come up on the calendar New Years, we look back on the past year.  It's at this time of year that a lot of people get depressed, or feel down.  So many people can only look at the negative things, instead of the positive things.  Whether you celebrate New Years on January 1st or on October 31st, this is a transitioning point in the year.  No matter when you celebrate, chances are your business goes by the calendar year.  Most business do.  January 1st brings in the new for most of the western world.  Given that we get all worked up for it, why not do something to mark it?

A little too negative.
I've always felt that one should go into the new year with a being freed of negativity.  This year is going to be good for it because of the waning moon.

Release Negativity Spell

Items:  Regular altar and ritual supplies, a white candle, purifying incense of your choice, your cauldron or a metal bowl, a white tea light candle, paper or parchment and a pen or pencil.

After you cast your circle, sit in front of your white candle and light it.  Visualize all the negativity in your life in all it's forms.  It could be financial trouble, trouble with certain people in your life, with your job, even personal feelings toward yourself or others that aren't good for you, it could be anything.  Imagine the flame purifying your life and burning your troubles away.  Set the tea light candle in the bottom of your cauldron or bowl and light it.  Take your paper and pen and write a list of all the negative things you have in your life.  When you are done, place the paper in the bowl, lighting it on fire and say:

"As this list burns, so does the negative influences in my life.  As it is no more, so are the negative parts of my life.  I am free.  As I will, so mote it be." 

Light the incense and imagine your negative influences rising away from you with the smoke.  The spell is done when your psychic self feels as light as the smoke.

Hopefully this helps those us getting rid of the negativity in our lives.  It's actually a nice thing to do several times a year.  I'm sure everyone has noticed how the negativity we feel directly effects the things we try to do and experience in life.  This would be a great spell to do before setting out on a big endeavor, like going after a promotion, or a big business deal.  It is also helpful when you just want a little more peace in your life.

A great thing to do after this spell is some Yoga.  There is a great sitting pose that anyone can do, and it helps release negativity as well!   Here is the link.

Hope everyone has a great week leading up to the New Year!

Goddess Bless,



  1. this is so perfect and perfectly timed!! thanks.

  2. No problem! I always like when my ideas and spells are well received!