Sunday, December 26, 2010

The end of the Winter Holiday Season

Yes, this is the time of year when we all wind down.  We are coming up on calendar New Years.  Yule, Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa have passed.  What did everyone out there do with their celebrations?

As usual, my parents bought enough gifts to fill a small car.  I got some new storage containers, some Ziploc ones and some Rubbermaid ones.  I got a great calender and day book, a writing folder and mittens.  My parents gave Sean and I some gift cards to go out for dinner and a movie.  Sean got a shirt, some books, a gift card for chapters, and some socks.

Brianna got the big haul, of course.  She got a shape sorting toy, a whole bunch clothes, and some pajamas.  My brother got her one of those push along popper toys.  The big thing was the Laugh and Learn Kitchen, though.  It's super cute, and it has a lot of different songs it sings.  Brianna is a sucker for dancing.  The really big deal with this though, was what Brianna did with it.  You see on the far right of the picture, the soup pot and spoon?  Well, Brianna picked up the soup pot and the spoon, dipped the spoon in, then put it to her mouth and said "mmm!".  It was awesome!  This is the first time she has ever used her imagination like that, at least as far as we know.  It was so great!  It was her first pretend play.  And she didn't do it just once, she did it repeatedly!  So it wasn't just a fluke.  It was so great.

We had a huge turkey dinner, and pumpkin pie with the works.  Christmas eve we had a ham dinner.  So just in the last 5 days we've had two huge ham dinners and then the turkey dinner.  It's been insane.  I almost want a salad.  Almost.

Being that we are coming up on the new year, I am going to be posting a New Year's spell for releasing negativity.  It's something that can be done on Samhain or on calendar New Years.  It's really the intent that counts, with this kind of spell.  Not the day.  So that will be coming this week.  Also this week, we will start looking forward to Imbolc.  

I hope everyone had a great Christmas if you celebrated, or just a great day if you didn't!

Goddess Bless,


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