Monday, December 13, 2010


Yeah.  I know.

So I'm just going to randomly blather.  This might even be an ample time for all you wonderful people out there to get to know me (and my quirks) better!

First off, I'm 23 years old.  I know, I seem really young to be married and having a family and all that stuff.  To put it into context, I grew up in a town where slightly more (okay, a lot more) than a few people I went to high school with were married and popping out babies before graduation.  In fact, when I talked a few of them a couple years after I had moved out of province, they asked why I wasn't married yet and thought something was seriously wrong with me.  I was like, 19.  No lies.

Also, Sean is 37.  Yeah, we are 14 years apart.  Crazy, isn't it?  Yet, somehow it works.

I'm an absolute book nerd.  When I was in school I was really adventuresome with what I would read, but now I'm kind of bad at reading new things.  I used to read a lot of Anne Rice, but then my horizons expanded beyond gothica.  I still love Anne Rice's writing, it reads like poetry to me.  Sucks me in.  I'm like 2 books shy of having all the books she's ever written, even the crazy erotic ones she wrote under different names.  I also read the "People Of" series by the Gears.  There are at the moment like 13 books in this series, it's all about North American pre-history.  The Gears are a couple who both happen to be Archeologists, and all of the books are apparently based off of actual archeological digs.  To someone who seriously wanted to be a Paleontologist once upon a time, it's awesome.  They have some amazing spiritual ideas in their books, and strangely a lot of my ideas about Wicca and Paganism come from the spiritual stuff in their first book.  Isn't it strange what an effect fiction can have on us?   

I listen to a strange and varied variety of music.  I love oldies and jazz and swing, heavy metal and hard rock and even symphonies, classical and the occasional opera.  Hippie music and techno, punk rock and heck, even the occasional country song.  I have Rob Zombie and HIM on the same CD as Dean Martin and Bobby Darin.  I personally think no CD is really complete unless "Beyond the Sea" is on it.  I can't really stand rap, though.  Rap is about the only thing I don't/won't listen to.

I've never really been much of a drinker.  Or rather, when I do drink it isn't that much and usually at home.  I think I can count the times I've gotten "drunk" on one hand.  I don't really see the point to drinking until you throw up.  I love me a glass of wine or a ceaser every now and then, but I've never been the type to go party until I can't remember anything every weekend.  Thankfully, Sean isn't like that either.  We are really boring, in real life.  We sit at home and watch TV or read or play video games.  We chase Brianna around the house, cause she has the most awesome squeal ever when she is being chased.  We keep Brianna from eating garbage.  We keep her from chewing on my pots and pans.  Yeah, that's pretty much it.

I love to cook.  If you haven't gotten that idea yet from the few cooking posts on this blog, well, I love to cook.  Cooking, baking, whatever.  I like creating my own recipes.  I have that thing where I can just randomly add spices to food and it tastes awesome.  I have a talent for it.  At least everyone I cook for tells me so.  Also, the fact that Sean has put on some 60 lbs since we moved in together.  He was super skinny before, so it's okay though.

Alright!  Now that everyone knows me a little better, my work here is done!!  Just kidding.  Seriously though, I'm not sure what else to tell you.  If anyone wants to know something just send me a message!  Hope you all found this interesting, at the very least, and sorry again for the writers block!

Goddess Bless,


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  1. What a nice peek into your life! You are one eclectic woman in so many areas, music especially. :)