Saturday, November 13, 2010

World Kindness Day

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.  ~Plato

Today, the 13th of November, is World Kindness day.  Today is a day to remember that we are all human.  We all have feelings, and we all want to be shown kindness.  We all need kindness, and we all need to show kindness.  It could be as simple as telling your husband you appreciate his doing the dishes (I'm lucky, I know) or as extensive as giving some baking to someone who is sick.  You often hear that when a new neighbor moves in, it's nice to welcome them to the neighborhood with a casserole or some baked goods.  Does anyone actually do this anymore?  I'm not aware of it ever happening to anyone in my life.  Why is this?  It's because we are losing our village mentality.  Everyone knows the saying, "It takes a village", but who practices this?  I think we have really lost something over the years because our family units have become a separate, private entity.   

 To me, a village means everyone looking out for everyone, and helping achieve wants and needs.  As an example, when I in elementary school,
Mystic the Unicorn
the big thing was Beanie Babies.  Every time our family went to the mall, I would go to a certain store and look at the Beanie Babies.  We couldn't afford any, and I knew that.  Every time I got my allowance I would save it, every penny I had I would save to be able to buy a Beanie Baby.  The unicorn with the shiny horn.  Finally, I thought I had enough.  I took all my money to the store to buy Mystic the Unicorn.  I grabbed it and took it up to the counter, and gave the sales person my money.  She said I didn't have enough.  I took back my money and started to leave the store.  Then this woman came up.  I had no idea who she was, and  dropped a whole bunch of change into my hands!  I counted it, and it was more than 15 dollars!  Needless to say, I went home with Mystic that day.  I still have it.  I've never forgotten the kindness of that woman, and I wish that I had known enough to say thank you.  She took the initiative to care for someone she didn't really know.  I've always hoped that someday I'll be in the  can do the same for someone. 

Personally, I find it very important to have that village.  People that you can count on, and know that they can count on you.  We have our small circle of family and friends that we consider our village.  Today, the whole world is our village.  Sometimes we feel like we don't have enough time for our own families, let alone anyone else.  So what can we do?  Buy some Halls for a sick co-worker.  Bring home a coffee or hot chocolate for your spouse.  Offer to drive a friend with no transportation to an appointment.  Tell someone you love thank you, simply for being there for you.  

Or, for those who are simply addicted to technology, send an e-card!  I was also made aware of this website recently,  It's a great website, where you answer questions about vocabulary, art, geography, or a lot of other options.  For each question you get right, you "donate" grains of rice through the World Food Programme.  Also, here is a link to a webpage telling a little bit more about World Kindness Day.    

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!  

KINDEST regards, 



  1. I love your post! World Kindness Day, yes that can help in a big way. I know that there are people who do kind deeds often while others choose stay to themselves and walk on by. One little thing that I like to do is: when I go to the hospital for a test, I pick up a small flower arrangement in the gift shop on my way out, and ask the staff to give it to someone that is in the hospital that has no family to come and see them, or has a long stay, or very serious condition. I just have that feeling to do that. And maybe that's because that when I was growing up, we were very poor. People would bring us garbage bags full of clothes that they hoped would help us. It was like Xmas because it was all new to us. Here in NS, people will stop to help when someone is broke down on the road, it's been like that since I can remember. It really only takes one to start and then others will follow. Thank you so much for your beautiful post. Blessings to you and your family!

  2. Thank you! That is a wonderful idea, buying a flower arrangement for someone who has had no family to see them. I love it! If everyone in the world did things like this it would be a better place. I agree, it can really be a life changing feeling knowing that someone cares about you.

  3. My daughter lives in Red Deer, and we spent so many years in Calgary. One time, I was visiting we went to Banff for the day. I was getting coffee and snacks at a coffee shop for us while my daughter sat on the bench outside waiting for me as there was quite a line up inside the small shop. A fellow came along and they started to chat. He had a back pack on and we soon learned that he had no home. It was pretty chilly in the mountains, as you know I'm sure. I asked him if I could buy him a coffee. He accepted. People who passed us by, looked very hard at us, just a cold hard stare. I went back in, got him a coffee and a snack. Then we all chatted some more. We were concerned for him, since it was late in the day, how he would spend that cold night. He was thinking out loud a bit, of people he knew in Banff and finally came up with a place where he could go. We had to drive back to Red Deer that night, but we felt better for having reached out to him, even for a short time. We let him know that he was worthy, worthy of our time, our care and concern, and worthy of a warm place to be on a cold mountain night. If all we are met with are those cold, empty faces when we are most in need, it's a pretty sad place to be. I am thankful when I see kindness and then I have more faith in humanity. Thanks Stacy for writing your beautiful blog!!