Sunday, November 28, 2010

What a night.

I had such a terrible sleep!  We are all sick in this house, Sean and Brianna are just getting over it and mine is starting to get worse.  My throat feels like I swallowed a million nails.  Okay, maybe not that many.  You get the idea.  On top of all that, I had nightmares all night last night.

Actually, just one nightmare.  It was on of those recurring ones, though.  Every time I woke up, I tried to shake it off, went and got a drink of water.  The minute I fell asleep it started all over again.  It really bugged me, but at least I know what it means.

It starts off with me in bed, Sean telling me that he will have to come and get me in half an hour because he has to leave for work and Brianna isn't sleeping.  So I'm laying there, and I can't get back to sleep.  So I get up, and realize I'm in this dungeon thing.  The bed is there, it's just a dungeon.  There are high brick walls, at least 20 feet high.  It's damp, there is hardly any light.  It feels mossy.  Directly across from the foot of the bed is a ladder, leading up to a circular gated opening.  So I climb up, and go through the gate.  Then a specter shows up.  It's all different shades of blues, it's floating and wispy.  It's Kevin, the husband of my friend Steph.  He's telling me I can't get through, that I have to go back.  And he starts throwing Ninja stars at me!  The little four pointed ones.  So I catch each one (I'm so not that coordinated in real life, trust me.) and throw them back at him, and eventually "kill" him that way.  He reappears though.  He tells me I have to go into the next hallway, and suddenly he is behind me pushing me through the halls so fast everything just looks like a blur.  Then as suddenly as it started, everything comes to a stop in front of a gate similar to the first.  I go through the gate and there is my friend Steph!  She has this beautiful long blond hair, but in specter form it's like she's channeling Galadriel from Lord of the Rings when she goes all crazy for a minute.
Galadriel from Tolkien Forums

Then Steph tells me the same thing her husband did, that I can't get through and have to go back.  Then SHE starts throwing Ninja stars at me!  But these were 7 pointed!!  Again, I had to catch them and throw them back and "kill" her.  Then she appeared behind me and told me I had to go on, and pushed me super fast down to the next gate.  At this gate nothing appeared, it was like my dream was giving me a rest.  My dream self got to walk all the way to the next gate.  The next gate it was my Dad, and the one after him was my Brother.  My brother had throwing axes.  It was weird.

Finally I got out to our living room (don't ask, I have no idea) and Sean said I could have slept for another couple of hours, he has no clue what I'm talking about.

Then I wake up.  I think I had this dream for couple reasons.  Part of it being I'm sick, but mostly I think because I despair of ever getting a real sleep ever again.  I think another part of it was the fact that I ate so close to bedtime.  To my lament, I've discovered through Blogs of Note this blog called "The Chubby Vegetarian" and he has some AMAZING recipes on there.  This Dutch Baby being one of them.  Of course, we only had icing sugar on ours, and it was so good.  I can think of dozens of applications for this recipe,  and I'm seriously considering having it for every meal today.  I'm not a vegetarian and never will be, what with Sean being a butcher and all.  I still think I'm going to be going there for a lot of recipes. 

So I guess this was a fairly long post.  I only meant to explain that I was planning on taking the day off seeing as I'm so tired.  I guess I didn't though!  Hope everyone has a better day than I had a night.  Goddess Willing, I'll get a decent sleep tonight!

Goddess Bless,


As a side note, if anyone has a good sleep spell to recommend, bring it on!  Mine don't seem to be working lately.  

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  1. Not exactly a spell but have you tried a lavender pillow? A small pillow filled with real lavender. You place it under your regular pillow. It helps me.