Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Historic Day

I know that a vast majority of my readers are American.  So, please, imagine, if you will: 

At the next American election, a resounding show of force by the Democrats suddenly leave Republicans hanging by a thread.  In it's place, people have voted for the Green party, (I just chose one at random.  Fill in as you wish, haha!) and for the first time in there would be major opposition by someone other than one of "the big two".

Hard to imagine, isn't it?  Seems nigh impossible.

Well, that's what happend to Canadian politics yesterday.  Got turned on its arse.  We have 308 seats in our parliament.  Usually, and by usually I mean in Canadian history, those seats are taken up by the Conservatives and the Liberals, with a sprinkling of smaller parties in there.  Look at it this way:

In 2006, the Conservatives had 124 of 308 seats, the Liberals had 103.  The rest were scattered among the smaller parties, the New Democrats (NDP) and Bloc, and also "Other". 

In 2008, the Conservatives had 143 seats, and the Liberals had 77.  The other parties were similar to 2006.

This year?  Conservatives 167, New Democrats, 102, Liberals 34.

For the first time in our history, the New Democrats are the official opposition.

The Bloc, who are the Quebec Separatists, didn't even get enough seats to qualify as an official party anymore.  The Green Party, headed by Elizabeth May, got their first ever seat.  And what a woman she is, she is going to whip parliament into shape I think.

Seriously, it's going to take a while to get used to this.  In any case, lets hope there is less name-calling in parliament now.

Goddess Bless,



  1. I would love to see the US government taken over by Libertarians and Independents.

  2. May this mean positive change and leadership for our friends in Canada!

    I'd love to see that kind of shake up here.

  3. Thanks all! :) I hope it is a positive change as well. :D Best of luck with your governments! ;)