Sunday, December 19, 2010

Family Pictures!

We got our family pictures back from my friend Steph last night.  She is a great photographer.  She usually doesn't do family pictures, she prefers to do wedding, engagement and couple pictures.  We are special though!  Here is the link to her Facebook page, SC Photography.  If you know anyone in Red Deer and you like the pictures, be sure to recommend!

That said, Brianna was a bundle of cuteness that day.

She kept eating the wooden blocks!  It makes me really glad that we got some for her for Yule, she loved them so much.

We didn't look too bad either, though.

Yep.  We are a great looking family.

That last one is my favorite picture.  Brianna is all, "Just get this over with.  Let me chew on some blocks, people."

Hope everyone enjoyed!!!  Off to make some more Yule treats!!!

Goddess Bless,


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