Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Warning: Babies falling!

You can probably guess what my last couple days have been like, and why I haven't posted anything.  Brianna has gone through one heck of a growth spurt, and hence does not know her own size or strength any longer.  I'm not even going to get into yesterday, but the first thing today was pushing over a chair (yes, a CHAIR) and falling in a spinning motion and smacking her little head on the floor.  I mean, you don't REALLY expect a one year old to push over a CHAIR.  It was surprising.  I didn't even have time to react.

Later while I was out shopping, Sean was just going to get her for her evening snack.  She was cruising around the living room, around furniture.  How they do when they don't walk yet.  She manages to get all the way over to the far side of the computer desk.  She had never done it before.  Sadly, I had left the bottom drawer open when getting out paper for her to color on earlier.  So she puts her hands on the drawer and of course, slams the drawer shut on her wee fingers.  So she is leaning against the drawer, pushing it in on her fingers because she can't figure out how to get up again!  Sean ran over and picked her up right away.

LASTLY ( for today, anyway ), Sean was cleaning up the bedtime snack in the kitchen.  I guess all that crying from the finger smash really tired her out.  She was playing on her rocking chair.  She can't sit in it yet, but she leans on the seat and uses it as a table.  Well, she fell asleep.  And of course, it IS a rocking chair.  So what happens?  Her weight shifts.  She falls, still asleep, flat on her butt on the floor.  THAT woke her up.

So Sean had an eventful evening.

I shopped!  Just buying a new sleeper for Brianna.  Previously mention growth spurt cause her to outgrow all of her sleepers!  Hopefully tomorrow will be better and I'll be able to post again.  If not, you know what I'm going to be busy with.

Catching falling babies.


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