Thursday, November 18, 2010

Random Thursday

This must be Thursday. I never could get the hang of Thursdays.  -   Douglas Adams
Thursdays are usually my Mondays.  I just feel tired on Thursdays!  So I'm just going to write about a bunch of random things that intrest me, yet wouldn't be long enough for a full post.  

First off, It's official. I'm a geek.  HA!  That's alright though, I married an even bigger one.  I'm super excited today!  13 people from Canada helped capture particles of Antimatter.  As long as the ever elusive "they" use it correctly, it is a great discovery.  The big excitement of this?  The possibility of using antimatter as rocket fuel.  Essentially,  antiparticles make up antimatter just like particles make up matter.  From Wikipedia:  "For example, a positron (the antiparticle of the electron) and an antiproton can form an antihydrogen atom in the same way that an electron and a proton form a normal matter hydrogen atom" Link Here.  Once you mix matter and antimatter, there can be high energy photons!  And further on down the line we get fuel out of it.  Here is the original article

Sean is super into comics.  As in, I didn't have a linen closet for the longest time because it was filled with comics.  He is more into Marvel Comics, but lately with our Smallville obsession he is definitely starting to tolerate DC even more!

This movie is going to be great though.  Ryan Reynolds is a great actor, and he will be a great Hal Jordan.  He even looks like Hal Jordan!!  See picture on Wikipedia here.  I'm really curious whether or not the Flash is going to have a wee cameo.  This is going to be one of those movies we will have to see just because of it's correlation to Smallville. See info about the movie on IMDB.

You know what this post needs to finish it off?  Spaghetti Baby!!

Hope everyone has a great Thursday!


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