Sunday, January 17, 2010


Or not. Technically I suppose it is now morning. Lately, I have gotten my days and nights all turned around! I have a terrible cold right now, and hence cannot sleep. If I do try and go to bed now, I will just end up tossing and turning, and waking up my husband, Sean. He has to work at 7am tomorrow, so not a great idea. Since I am up, I will say a little something about me!

My name is Stacy Evans, and I`m currently the stay at home mom of the most gorgeous little girl ever to grace the face of the planet. At least I think so! She is 3 months old today, and can now hold her wobbly little neck up really well! Her name is Brianna, and she has the hugest little thunder thighs! It`s kind of confusing, really. How such little legs can be so HUGE!

My husband, as I`ve already told you, is Sean. He is a butcher, in fact he is the assistant manager of his department. He is a wonderful man who helps me out as much as possible with our little one. We believe parenting together works much better for making a family. Picture of our wee family above, I`m sure you can guess who we all are!

Whenever Brianna is napping during the day I try to bake, I`ve currently been into baking bread! So sometimes I guess there will be recipes on here, as well as mom and life stuff. Hope everyone enjoys, and If you have questions feel free to contact me!


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